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St. Pauls – Eppan – the Überetsch – South Tyrol! It all wants’ to be explored. You will be surprised by the diversity:
wonders of nature, cultural pearls, curiosities, delights. Many of them great, meaningful and even more small, but that
will be for you to discover. Open your eyes during a tour through the country. And at night you turn back to us –
take a deep breath and „curtains up!“ in the theater in your head.

St. Pauls
Grown to love.

St. Paul's is part or "fraction", as it`s called in South Tyrol, to Eppan, a well-known wine-growing village in Überetsch, not far from Bozen, the provincial capital. The other districts are St. Michael, Girlan, Missian, Frangart, Montiggl, Unterrain, Perdonig and Gaid. Eppan is the name of the whole, a village in the true sense of the word, with this name does not exist.

St. Pauls, where the Leitnhof stands his ground, has a town center with especially beautiful, traditional facades and many oriels. Not easy for motorists! There are about 2,500 people living in the village,
it lies 394 m above sea level.

St. Pauls is well knowned all over the country especially for the Wine Culture Weeks in July and August – and is well visited during these months. The Paulsner village festival takes place every two years, on the first weekend of September.

During Christmas advent, the wine village of St. Pauls transforms itself into a “crib village”. From late November to the Epiphany, the niches, oriels and windows of the historical streets are adorned with more than 100 handmade cribs. Cast from straw, paper, wood and stone, made of chocolate, painted, carved or sewn – the cribs are true masterpieces of craftsmanship. Every day at 4 pm they are atmospherically illuminated. There is also a “Living Nativity Scene” you should not miss.

Art historically unique is the “dome in the country” in the center of St. Pauls. The impressively large parish church of the conversion of Saint Paul dates back to the 15th century. Nobleman from the area paid for the expansion of the old church in order to demonstrate their power and wealth. The 85 meter high tower was completed in 1747. In it is the largest and most famous bell of South Tyrol,
the “Anna Maria”. Its diameter is 183.5 cm and it weighs 3860 kg. Its tone is a full „A“.

Shops and restaurants in St. Pauls

After an only five minutes’ walk from the Leitnhof, in the village center of St. Pauls there are various shops (grocery, butcher, bakery, etc.). They are open every day pm except Sundays from 7:30 am until 7:00

Cozy bars, traditional restaurants, typical wine shops and wineries can also be found in the center of St. Pauls.

St. Pauls gastronomy >>

St Pauls is the ideal starting point for your excursions.

The city of Bozen is only 7 km away, Meran (with the Touriseum and the botanical gardens of Trauttmansdorff) is 20 km away. The Messner Mountain Museum of Reinhold Messner in the old walls of the castle Sigmundskron is easily reachable by bike in just 15 minutes. Within sight we have the Archaeological Museum, where Ötzi, the man from the ice is kept. The Dolomites are about a half hour drive away from St. Pauls. You can reach Lake Garda in about 80 km, and the balcony of Romeo and Juliet in Verona in 120 km. The lagoon city of Venice lies around 200 km away. Highly popular are the Christmas markets in the cities nearby. Bruneck, Brixen, Meran, Trient and most of all Bozen offer plenty opportunities for shopping and sightseeing.

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