This is our home.

Beautiful – as far as the eye goes.

St. Pauls – Eppan – the Überetsch – South Tyrol! It all wants’ to be explored. You will be surprised by the diversity: wonders of nature, cultural pearls, curiosities, delights. Many of them great, meaningful and even more small, but that will be for you to discover. Open your eyes during a tour through the country. And at night you turn back to us – take a deep breath and „curtains up!“ in the theater in your head.

Getting on a hike

You have to be active on vacation, there is no getting away from it. Well, let’s admit it: not everyone needs to climb a mountain, there are plenty of people out there, finding themselves and some insights during a nice smooth hike or bike tour. Maybe observing the landscape sitting on a bench in the midst of the vineyard. What an amazing variety of offers to choose from! Suit yourselve!

South Tyrol – Südtirol – Alto Adige

South Tyrol is not that big. Mostly you can reach your destination in a nice daytrip starting from St. Pauls. If you want to leave the car in the garage when you are on vacation, you can benefit from the museumobil Card and travel the land easily.

When are you coming to visit us?

Walking the path together.

We have found ourselves. We know what we can do – and we love what we are doing. And now you’ve found us, too! That’s our story.

Natural flavors

Virtually every mealtime here includes juice, jams and jellies, vegetables, microgreens, and wine from our gardens and orchards.


What a wonderful place to be! This is truly a “chosen place” with regards to the beauty of nature. You might even describe it as a “little piece of paradise.”

Alpine air

Rolling hills covered with vineyards and apple orchards reaching up to the Alpine forests and rugged mountain. The perfect blend of nature and culture.

The farmstead along the Leitn

Our farmstead boasts great visual variety and diversity. We would be happy to show you how a working agricultural undertaking is actually run.

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