The Gourmet Boutique

Our farmstead café and shop

In the village and vicinity, all of the locals who can produce their own farm-fresh goods. Usually on a small scale – often just for one’s own family and a few neighbors and friends.

No mealtime would be complete without the juice, the jams and jellies, the vegetables, and the wine we obtain from our gardens and orchards. And just recently, we have begun using microgreens which our son Ulrich grows.

We are happy to share our bounty: With house guests and visitors from the village or area. And it’s become quite clear that tasty basic products from regional farmsteads are quite popular in South Tyrol.

In our only recently constructed Gourmet Boutique, you’ll find everything grown and raised on our farmstead available for purchase. Additionally, we offer our house guests a daily Leitnhof breakfast consisting of only the finest products. And, from Friday through Sunday, outside visitors are welcome and order a hearty brunch. You’ll find a sumptuous spread including cold and hot refreshments and dishes, with bread, butter, marmalade, porridge, fruits, cake, egg dishes, and our famous quail eggs. Plus there’s always a delicious surprise, warm or cold, fresh from our garden or local markets. And we’d be delighted to show you just how versatile the microgreens we grow ourselves can be.

And to celebrate a special occasion – or just the joy of being alive – how about a glass of prosecco or wine, perhaps served on the terrace, right next to our most-recent addition, a wine grape garden? An aperitif with fantastic drinks and the appropriate side dishes – having either an Alpine character or a Mediterranean flair – will really get you in the mood.

You might just find yourself falling in love with our culinary specialties, and so maybe you’d like to take some back home with you. If that’s the case, you can purchase practically everything in our Gourmet Boutique. Carefully and sustainably packaged, of course!

You’ll find our tasting room on the ground floor. It’s a cheerfully-lit, high-ceilinged room with large windows and a wonderfully natural ambience. You can reserve it for all kinds of tasting events, for celebrations, seminars, lectures, etc. You could hardly imagine a more-pleasant venue for interesting get-togethers – perhaps of a culinary nature?

Hand and homemade products

All around the Leitnhof, you’ll find sun-kissed grapes, apples, apricots, berries, and much more. Natural products that have benefited from the rich soil and optimal growing conditions prevailing here – as well as various herbs that you would ordinarily expect only in southern climes.

And just as spring slowly turns to summer and then to autumn, the assortment of products we carry likewise shifts with the seasons. Of course, we place a premium on freshness – but we are also skilled in using these raw ingredients to make such long-lasting products as fruit spreads, syrups, juices, preserves, dried fruits, seasonings, salt, and aromas. You’ll notice the extra portion of love included in every product, and our wine-making skills speak for themselves!

Products you can sample and purchase in our new Gourmet Boutique. And where you can enjoy a hearty Leitnhof breakfast, brunch, or aperitif right on the spot!

When are you coming to visit us?

Natural flavors

Virtually every mealtime here includes juice, jams and jellies, vegetables, microgreens, and wine from our gardens and orchards.

The farmstead along the Leitn

Our farmstead boasts great visual variety and diversity. We would be happy to show you how a working agricultural undertaking is actually run.


What a wonderful place to be! This is truly a “chosen place” with regards to the beauty of nature. You might even describe it as a “little piece of paradise.”

Alpine air

Rolling hills covered with vineyards and apple orchards reaching up to the Alpine forests and rugged mountain. The perfect blend of nature and culture.

Walking the path together.

We have found ourselves. We know what we can do – and we love what we are doing. And now you’ve found us, too! That’s our story.

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