Walking the path together

“We have found ourselves. We know what we can do – and we love what we are doing. And now you’ve found us, too! That’s our story.”


The Kager family has been at home in St. Pauls for quite some time. Amidst fruit orchards and vineyards. Christine married into the family, but continued in her profession. And then?

“If I could do things the way I want, it would be great. That’s what I said to myself. And that’s what I said to my husband and the rest of the family.”

Christine gets the chance and seizes it. Anyone who doubts that strength comes from calmness should have a talk with Christine. She has clear objectives, is thoughtful and prudent, acts consistently, and has good instincts – the best prerequisites for the path she has taken. And her mother, whose experience and cordiality have always supported her.

The Leitnhof is certainly something special: The house exudes southern charm: The sunny clime, the flowers and palms, the aromas and flavors that all awaken a deep longing. A longing which Christine, too, understands.

Heinz Kager is a farmer, and is in charge of the fruit orchards and grapevines – which the family has tended for generations. If you’d like to watch him while he works or maybe even chat with him, you’re welcome to do so. And he’d be happy to show you around his cellar.

Ulrich, the elder son, is engrossed in his studies, but is also establishing an innovative vertical farm for microgreens. The younger son, Hans, is working together with his father Heinz to run the farm.

Best wishes, the Kager family

When are you coming to visit us?

Natural flavors

Virtually every mealtime here includes juice, jams and jellies, vegetables, microgreens, and wine from our gardens and orchards.


What a wonderful place to be! This is truly a “chosen place” with regards to the beauty of nature. You might even describe it as a “little piece of paradise.”

Walking the path together.

We have found ourselves. We know what we can do – and we love what we are doing. And now you’ve found us, too! That’s our story.

The farmstead along the Leitn

Our farmstead boasts great visual variety and diversity. We would be happy to show you how a working agricultural undertaking is actually run.

Alpine air

Rolling hills covered with vineyards and apple orchards reaching up to the Alpine forests and rugged mountain. The perfect blend of nature and culture.

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