The farmstead along the Leitn

The life of a farmer

Vineyards, orchards, vegetable and herb gardens, chicken coops and quail pens, vertical plant beds – our farmstead boast great visual variety and diversity. This makes for a charming, picture-postcard appearance, but it also means a lot of work – for us! We would be happy to show you around and explain how a working farm is actually run.

Once a week, we conduct a guided tour through our farmstead’s orchards and vineyards in the Pauls Field or through the grape-growing fields in the monastery garden. Heinz will tell you about farm life at the Leitnhof, the daily chores, and the change of seasons. Of course, no tour would be complete without a tasting where you can sample our homemade products.

Every Monday, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (exclusively for our house guests, obligatory registration)


Little sprouts, but with an enormous taste! At the ground level of one of our grape-growing gardens, our son Ulrich grows microgreens – little plants grown from various different vegetable seeds. Microgreens are real taste treats profarms. They look good and are part of a healthy diet. During this tour, Ulrich will explain how he raises microgreens in his innovative vertical gardening site – while conserving resources. And, of course, you will be welcome to sample some of the microgreens yourself!

Guides tours on request from Ulrich
(18,00 € per person – for house guests 10,00 € per person)

What the sparrows sing from the rooftop

In flux. Sometimes we bubble over with enthusiasm when we talk about our farmstead. And sometimes days go by without the need to say anything at all. The spirit of “dolce far niente” and southern temperament. That’s a pretty good description of our outlook on life.

The lucky ticket!

When are you coming to visit us?

Natural flavors

Virtually every mealtime here includes juice, jams and jellies, vegetables, microgreens, and wine from our gardens and orchards.

Walking the path together.

We have found ourselves. We know what we can do – and we love what we are doing. And now you’ve found us, too! That’s our story.

The farmstead along the Leitn

Our farmstead boasts great visual variety and diversity. We would be happy to show you how a working agricultural undertaking is actually run.

Alpine air

Rolling hills covered with vineyards and apple orchards reaching up to the Alpine forests and rugged mountain. The perfect blend of nature and culture.


What a wonderful place to be! This is truly a “chosen place” with regards to the beauty of nature. You might even describe it as a “little piece of paradise.”

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