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The Überetsch
An angle of paradise.

The „land over the Etsch“ once was the real Etschland. It was a long time ago, but it is still important to know, because it gives us the knowledge about the creation of the landscape and its peculiarities.

Once the river Etsch fun his cours on “our” side of the mountain Mitterberg – until it came to a damming during the last ice age and the water made its way to the other side. It left behind the lakes – the Montiggler, large and small, and the Kalterer.

As early as mid-May until the beginning of October people go swimming there. In the second half of May the water already has a temperature of 17-19 ° C, in the summer it gets even up to 26-28 ° C.
At the big Montiggler lake there is also the Montiggler Lido with a heated swimming pool and the longest water slide in South Tyrol.

Left behind were also the typical glacial deposits that some varieties our wine so nice and particular – and also the shape of the landscape was formed: a valley like it had been sanded down, a bit set back and screened from today’s main roads.
Of course this is wonderful!

Nowadays, distances are short, you can get everywhere in no time. Especially if you go on an expedition in the Überetsch: for example, the locations on the wine road. It will take a while and be worth it.

Or maybe the mountain massif with the Mendel and the Gantkofel, which shields the Überetsch in the West and creates a climate regulation in the evening. Men and wine like it equally.

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