Getting on a hike

You have to be active on vacation, there is no getting away from it. Well, let’s admit it: not everyone needs to climb a mountain, there are plenty of people out there, finding themselves and some insights during a nice smooth hike or bike tour. Maybe observing the landscape sitting on a bench in the midst of the vineyard. What an amazing variety of offers to choose from! Suit yourselve!

Fortress Hocheppan:
Amongst a number of South Tyrolean fortresses in good condition, the one in Hocheppan without a doubt stands out because of its impressive location. During daily guided tours you can learn in a graphic manner about the history of the fortress and its surrounding complex, how it was built in three different phases, the long periods of decay in between those phases, up until its contemporary status as on of the most important romantic monument in South Tyrol. Its highlight from an artistic point of view is the chapel with its cycle of frescoes. After your trip into the history of the fortress and the surrounding landscape, there is the fortress tavern with South Tyrolean specialties and a garden with a view that will remain an unforgettable memory. The medieval archer courseTraditional archery on fortress Hocheppan. Use of the course and rental of wooden arch and arrows.

How could you learn new things, deepen knowledge and get graphic access to new information worth knowing, better than by visiting a museum and get on the adventure of discovering whatever it throws at you? This opportunity can be found not only in Bozen, but also in our smaller vacation locations.

The South Tyrolean museum of Archaeologies, also called „Ötzimuseum“, is an absolute must for every visitor who gets to South Tyrol. It doesn’t only give insights into the different historical eras of the land, but it also houses the discovery of the century from Hauslabjoch. The „man from the ice” is still a mystery for historians all around the world and gives us some revelation about revolution.

MMM – Messners Mountain Museum:
The „Messner Mountain Museum Firmian” in castle Sigmundskron near Bozen, is the forth and central house of Reinhold Messners mountain museums. Reinhold Messner also calls it the »enchanted mountain«. Between this old walls in castle Sigmundskron, supplemented with a modern structure made of glass and steel, Reinhold Messner tells us about the importance of the mountains in our lives.

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