Welcome to Leitnhof! The heart lays in the south. A house under palmtrees. Smooth water, balmy air. Silvery olive trees.

Eyes shut. Ears opened: splashing sounds. What else? Nothing but buzzing and chirping, perhaps an echo of children’s laughter. Only “ the sound that my senses make …” (R.M. Rilke)

South Tyrol! You long for the south – that’s why you are here! What starts shortly after the Brenner Pass, becomes reality here in our Überetsch. You don`t have to go further: You can have the best of the South here with us. We look forward to seeing you!

Vacation Packages

    What the sparrows sing from the rooftop.

    In the river. Sometimes we overflow with tales we want to tell. Often the days go by and everything remains quiet. Between idleness and southern temperament. That is who we are.
    Farmer’s Breakfast on the Leitnhof
    Morgenwonne. Ich bin so knallvergnügt erwacht. Ich klatsche meine Hüften. (...) aus meiner tiefsten Seele zieht mit…
    WinePass inclusive: The lucky ticket
    No need to worry about tickets, waiting lines, extra costs! Better think about if you…
    Getting on a hike
    You have to be active on vacation, there is no getting away from it. Well,…

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