Farmer’s Breakfast on the Leitnhof


Ich bin so knallvergnügt erwacht. Ich klatsche meine Hüften.
(…) aus meiner tiefsten Seele zieht mit Nasenflügelbeben
ein ungeheurer Appetit nach Frühstück und nach Leben.
Joachim Ringelnatz

Good morning with a healthy farmer’s Breakfast on the Leitnhof!

What we serve: hot coffee (as many as you like), aromatic herbal tea, fresh and homemade fruit juice, white or dark bread in all kind of shapes, always fresh and crunchy from our towns, many homemade fruit spreads and jams from our fruits and berries. In addition we sere butter,  yoghurt, cheese,  south tyrolean bacon and cold cuts. And also many other things of which we get a hold on.
We serve the breakfast year-round every day from 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM. You can choose to get a breakfast basket prepared for you or to enjoy your breakfast on our beautiful terrace in our garden.
Breakfast on request: 15,00 € per Person (if you want to enjoy our breakfeast, please advise us at the moment of the booking)

Our Philosophy: We serve just the freshest ingredients and products from our farm in south tyrol. On our farm we offer you fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs from aur herbal garden, various fruit spreads, fruit juices and syrup, eggs from chicken or quail, stewed or dried fruits, honey and nuts. We will gladly pamper you with our self-made pastries.

Contact us

Fam. Heinz Kager, Schulweg 13
39057 St. Pauls/Eppan a. d. Weinstrasse

MwSt. Nr. 01217210218

T. +39 0471 660 400

M. +39 333 615 85 24

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