The Kager family
Walking the path together.

We have found each other. We know what we are able to do, we love what we do. You have found us. We would love to show you. How we got here...

The Kager Family has been living here for a long time. Fruit and Vine farming, that`s what they do. Christine “joins by marriage“, keeps her old job for a while and doesn’t see herself as the hostess. And then?

„I reflected. If I could do it the way I was imagining, it could really become something, I told myself. And then I told my husband and the rest of the family.“

She courageously takes the opportunity that was given to her. Whoever doubt that the strength is to be found in serenity, should have a little talk with Christine to learn otherwise.
Clear ideas, thoughtfulness, consistency and an infallible intuition are a good basis for her path. And her mother who always supports her with her knowledge and kindness.

This makes the Leitnhof special: The house tells stories of the South, of sun, flowers and palm trees, of smells and flavours, awaking a longing. A longing that lives in her and it is like a gently purring kitten simply because she can live here.

Heinz Kager is farmer and takes care of the fruit and vine plantations just as many generations of his family have done before him. Whoever desires to watch him do his job or have a bit of a conversation about it, is welcome to do so. With pleasure he will also show you his cellar.

Nowadays the two young members of the Kager family, Ulrich and Hans, often go their own ways. They have been living surrounded by the guests from their early childhood. To them it must seem to be one enormous family.

„Get to know us. Spend some wonderful, extraordinary holidays with us, in our special atmosphere where the South kisses the North …“

the Kager Family

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