The WinePass – the lucky ticket!

You don`t need anything else! The WinePass is a special treat and is exclusively given to the guests of some local businesses. With this card you can use every mean of public transportation, visit every museum, enjoy guided tours, go swimming, take part at wine tastings – whatever your heart desires.

At the Leitnhof we give you a weekly WinePass for free ( one per guest over 6 years of age). For every additional week we obviously give you a new card!

The most important included services:

Unlimited use of all means of public transportation in South Tyrol, which includes:

  • regional trains (Brenner – Trient, Mals – Innichen)
  • scheduled Coach busses (City bus, Überland bus)
  • ropeways in Ritten, Meransen, Jenesien, Mölten, Voran
  • tramway Ritten, cable railway to the Mendel
  • the bus to Münstair (Switzerland) between Mals (Italy)

Free admission in over 80 museums, castles and expositions of collections in South Tyrol.
Here you can find a list of all the participating museums

Over 40 events around wine and leisure activities: for half the price
Here you can find a list with the services all around wine

Two admissions (monday to friday) at the following swimming pools: for half the price

  • swimming pool Terlan
  • the lido of the small lake of Monticolo, Eppan
  • sport and adventure pool in Tramin
  • outdoor pool in Auer
  • adventure pool Neumarkt

No need to worry about tickets, waiting lines, extra costs! Better think about if you prefer a nice gelato or a cool glass of white wine as your next treat… Have a nice day!

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